Our family owns two condos at The Somerset, 780 South Collier Blvd on Marco. We would hope the request to add a structure to the Turtle Lot would be denied for the safety and way of life for Marco Island residents.

All the requirements of zoning may have been met to proceed with this project, but that doesn’t make it right! If approved, this project will change life and safety as we know it on South Collier Blvd. The Marco Island Planning Board has an obligation to protect the way of life this Island was built upon. Have they forgotten what is right?

The current Turtle Lot has been a hazard all season! Traffic stalled in the northbound lane every day while cars wait (in the driving lane) when the lot is full. Sidewalks jammed with beach carts, coolers, and water toys. Constant jaywalkers ignoring the crosswalks from Winterberry to Swallow, day and night. Pedestrians and people walking their pets using the sidewalks, which they were designed for, all while bicycles, scooters, and electric skateboards run them off as they buzz by. Collier was not built or designed for this type of use, the residences on the east side of Collier can’t use their own sidewalk and this is an issue.

The beach has never had this much use, with lots of trash and disregard for rules. Please, for the sake of Marco Island, deny this request! Keep Marco Island both beautiful and safe.

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