Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

I am a life-long Republican and very much involved in the political process. I read the Guest Commentary by JoAnn DeBartolo on this week’s Coastal Breeze and cannot remain silent after reading her letter with all kinds of misleading information. 

I know her from the organization she mentions in her letter, the Collier County Republican Executive Committee (CCREC) where I have seen her in action for about 6 years, and I don’t remember a single contribution she made to the organization. Our present Committeewoman, Jan Face Glassman, is a lady that has devoted her time, talent and treasure to promote Republican principles and Republican candidates. Through the years she has raised hundreds to thousands of dollars for our organization as well as many individuals in the Republican Party. 

Ms. DeBartolo tells you in the article she was the Collier County Chairwoman for the Donald Trump for President Campaign, but what she doesn’t tell you is that it was shortlived; she was terminated from that position by the Trump Campaign. She has the ability to be disruptive and a divider, she commonly resorts to personal attacks rather than to find common ground for the good of the Party. 

I still remember after a discussion at one of the CCREC meetings her sending me an e-mail indicating that “it was time for me to go back to my Country” and used other chosen words that I cannot repeat that are very disrespectful and racist, fully knowing that I was born in Cuba where I was able to escape from the Castro dictatorship 60 years ago. 

I am voting for Jan Face Glassman, a proven leader, well respected by the Republican Party of Florida, District 1 County Commissioner Donna Fiala, Our Senators Rubio and Scott, our Governor DeSantis, and most important our President Donald Trump. There is no doubt in my mind if all were allowed to vote in this Primary election in our County, they would all be voting for Jan Face Glassman; I know Commissioner Fiala is. 

 Jose Granda

Marco Island 

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