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Isles of Capri stakeholders* responded in big numbers to a two-month petition drive against current efforts by Fiddler’s Creek to rezone 5.34 acres of commercial property in the center of Capri to build three 168-foot towers for up to 108 multi-family units. 

A grassroots campaign by local residents during January and February collected 824 signatures, following the filing of two petitions with Collier County last fall which detailed the Fiddler’s Creek proposals. The number of signatures represent strong support against rezoning from the small island community. 

Petition organizers believe that generations of current and future Capri residents would be negatively affected by the drastic changes to the appearance and use of the four small islands that comprise Isles of Capri. (See accompanying “Capri Generations” photo)

Another indication of the public’s dissatisfaction was on display January 13 when nearly 200 Capriers attended the developers’ Neighborhood Information Meeting to indicate their opposition to the proposals. 

At that Neighborhood Information Meeting, the developer unveiled detailed plans to build the three 168-feet tall towers plus a four-story parking garage. The highest building currently on IOC is Fiddler’s dry stack, which is about 50 feet tall, the maximum allowed under C-3 zoning. Traffic would increase from 67 vehicles per hour to an estimated 200, according to the developer’s own study.

Technically speaking, Fiddler’s Creek’s land is currently undeveloped and designated as “within the Coastal High Hazard Area” and the “Urban Coastal Fringe Area” that limit density to 3 dwelling units/acre. If approved, the rezoning would allow 20-plus DUs per acre. 

In addition, stakeholders emphasize that they are not against development of the area. In fact, most of what Fiddler’s Creek proposes can be sought under the current C-3 zoning for the designated Capri Business area. These requests include additional wet slips, up to 6,000 square feet of commercial/office space, a 200-seat restaurant and a private club. 

At an appropriate time, organizers plan to submit the petitions to Collier County officials who will be considering the Fiddler’s Creek petitions.

* “Stakeholders” defined as home/property owners, business owners and renters. 

Dick Maxwell

Isles of Capri


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