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The month of Thanksgiving…what a special time to remember all the many blessings we have received and hopefully we have also given! When you look around, we have so much to be thankful for! I feel sorry for those who don’t feel that same way, but many years ago my minister was telling the congregation of a parishioner who came into his office with bedroom slippers on and asked him to bless her before she committed suicide. He asked her to sit down and tell him how he could help or what he could do, but she felt she was done and didn’t want help, just a blessing as she hoped God would accept her into Heaven. The minister left the room momentarily and asked the secretary to cancel the rest of his appointments for the day, and came back to sit with the lady, hold her hand, and asked if they could talk. She felt they had nothing to talk about, so he asked if anything good had happened that day, and her eyes flared up as she said NO. He reached out for her hand and asked if she had a cup of coffee that morning, and she said yes and he replied so many can’t even get to the kitchen. Was she able to make the coffee herself? Yes, she did. What a blessing, he said! He noticed she was dressed haphazardly, and he asked if she could dress herself. She looked startled and said of course! He was happy for her. Does she do her own dishes, and she kind of smiled and said yes, I can. In this case, he said, it’s great to be able to do your own dishes! Does she live in a house of her own? They both agreed that she was blessed. Did she have children? Were they all well? And so on…finally, he said “Now what can I do for you?”  She stood up and said, “you’ve already done it!” I’m going home now and do a load of wash and make some lunch. AND Pastor, I feel blessed! Thank you. They prayed together and hugged and said goodbye. It was a good day! She learned there is so much more to be thankful for that she hadn’t even realized before. And now we can all enjoy the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving, whether it be with family, friends, neighbors, or a little puppy. It’s a good day to be Thankful!

Personally, I am thankful for my five children and their children and now the next wave of children will be coming. I’m thankful that I had such loving parents, and that my mom taught me how to cook and bake like a good Hungarian cook, mixed in with a little German. I’m thankful that my kids shower me with love, and that I’m so fortunate to have friends who are huggers (I love hugs) and are wonderful people to hang around with. I’m still happy to live in the same house I moved into many years ago right here in Collier County. And I’m thankful I found this loving, caring church to be a part of, with parishioners who truly care about each other and show friendship the first time they meet you! What more can you ask than that? So, my friends, that’s my Thanksgiving message! Short and sweet! Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Donna.


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