The political action committee known as “Take Back Marco” is quickly closing in on acquiring the over 1,330 signatures necessary to place their referendum on the August Primary Election Ballot. That referendum would establish a Rental Registration Ordinance, requiring all rental properties to register with the city of Marco Island. The number of signatures required is 10% of registered voters at the time of the last election.

Some of the major points of the proposed Registration Ordinance are as follows:

1. The program will be funded by property owners through annual registration and administrative fees. 

2. A responsible party who can respond to any issues at a property within one hour from notification is required. 

3. The number of occupants will be limited to two adults per bedroom plus a total of four children under the age of 13. 

4. Fire and safety inspections are required prior to the issuance of a Rental Certificate. 

5. A Noise Ordinance will be implemented for a neighborhood business that is much stricter than the existing Noise Ordinance. 

6. After three violations, the Rental Certificate (and the ability to rent the property) can be suspended for 6 months.

The petition seeks that the proposed ordinance be placed on the ballot in conjunction with the Primary Elections, therefore creating no additional cost for taxpayers.

If the referendum receives a plurality of votes, council will be required to place the issue on the agenda for its next meeting, for the first reading of the new ordinance. It would then go onto a second reading, and once passed, it would become part of the Marco Island Land Development Code.

For an informational packet including the proposed ordinance, or to sign the petition, email the Chairman of Take Back Marco at edissler@comcast.net.



Steve Stefanides, is an experienced award-winning reporter of local civic and public interest news. Contact him by email at Stef@coastalbreezenews.com.

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