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Canvassing Board Certification of Election Results.


City Councilors have had a one-month hiatus from their regularly scheduled meeting in November, only meeting during the month to deal with a few time sensitive items that would require their attention. The regularly scheduled meeting, which was anticipated to be held, would have seen sitting councilors Erik Brechnitz and Greg Folley, along with newly elected Darrin Palumbo, sworn in but that did not happen as in past years.

City Clerk Mike Sheffield advised the board that they would not be able to meet to accomplish that goal until after the “Certification of the Election Results” for the election held on November 8. The meeting of the Collier County Canvassing board was held on November 18, 2022 at the Supervisor of Elections Office. Due to the holiday schedule no city council meeting was feasible until the December 5 regularly scheduled meeting. 

After the swearing-in ceremony, one major issue to be dealt with at the December 5th meeting will be the second public hearing on the adoption of the Short-Term Rental Registration Program, passed by voters in August.

At the present time there are four councilors who remain on the board, and they are split 2-2 on the issue with Councilors Grifoni and Irwin opposed to the registration ordinance, leaving Councilors Blonna and Rola favoring the ordinance. Re-elected councilors Brechnitz and Folly during the election committed to supporting the vote of the residents on the referendum, with newly elected board member Palumbo voicing some concerns.

The meeting on December 5 should be an interesting dynamic in regard to this continuing debate on the registration ordinance and support of the residents vote.

Another issue before the board would be the election of a new Chair and Vice-Chair of the board. During the recent election those running all confirmed they would be in favor of a citizen committee which would look at the City Charter to review how councilors were elected, as well as other updates to the City Charter. 

The meeting on December 5 begins at 4:00 PM in Council Chambers at 51 Bald Eagle Drive. Due to the Swearing-In Ceremony, as well as a very full agenda, the meeting is beginning an hour and a half earlier than it’s normally scheduled time.



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