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Physicians Regional Healthcare System

Are You COMFORTABLE with Your Primary Care Physician?

Market CEO

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Dr. Kupracz


Everyone who works for a healthcare organization is also a patient. I may be the Market CEO of Physicians Regional Healthcare System, but I get sick just like everyone else.

I'm committed to using this column to introduce new doctors to the community because I place a premium on the concept of being comfortable. Consider this: When I need a medical professional, I see a colleague from the place where I work — a somewhat unique situation, to say the least. So yes, I must be extremely comfortable and trust our mutual ability to straddle that personal/professional line with ease.

Regardless of my title or responsibilities, Mother Nature and Father Time don't discriminate.

As a patient, you deserve the same comfort level — and trust — with every healthcare professional who crosses your path.

Physicians Regional's Dr. Betty Kupracz is all about comfort, too. And I'm not the only one who thinks so. Derek, another PRHS staff member, had his own story to tell:

"I found myself in a position where I needed a new Primary Care Physician (PCP). Though I respect all of our PCPs, choosing Dr. Kupracz was an easy decision. In some ways, a primary care physician is like a family member as they guide every aspect of an individuals' care. I wanted someone I could really connect with on a personal and professional level. Dr. Kupracz is smart, fun, and completely engaged in our conversations."

In short, Dr. Kupracz made Derek feel at ease.

"I've been called hilarious, which is nice," says Dr. Kupracz. "I'd rather describe myself as having a humorous approach to difficult situations."

Board-certified in Internal Medicine, Dr. Kupracz received her medical education at the University of Debrecen-Faculty of Medicine in Debrecen, Hungary, the oldest continuously operating institution of higher education in Hungary (since 1538).

She completed her residency at the University of Connecticut, and today, she and her husband, Dr. Jozsef Piri, call Southwest Florida and Physicians Regional Healthcare System home.

"Internal medicine is all-encompassing patient care," explains Dr. Kupracz. "I chose this specialty because it enables me to focus on all of a patient's problems and develop a specific plan towards overall better health. I also approach medical treatment in a very pragmatic way. I will educate, offer treatment options, and help patients decide on the best plan to address their specific healthcare needs."

As patients, despite our best efforts, we all make mistakes. Time spent in a physician's care can be extremely positive, but it can also be filled with emotions and distractions. "Patients often get overwhelmed while in the office," suggests Dr. Kupracz. "I encourage all patients to listen carefully and ask questions so that they have a clear understanding of their treatment plan."

 And her suggestions for maximizing time with a doctor? "I also advise patients to prioritize their concerns and come in expecting to discuss the most pressing symptom first."

The concept of planning ahead in hopes of a better outcome is certainly not new. Though most of us go to a doctor seeking answers, coming in armed with questions can pay huge dividends in our overall health.

And finally, Dr. Kupracz loves the area we all call home. "The weather is hard to beat, and you can golf all year. Combined with the friendly and down-to-earth people I've met at Physicians Regional and elsewhere, I felt that joining Physicians Regional's wonderful group of doctors was a perfect fit for me". 

Dr. Kupracz is currently accepting new patients. To schedule an in-person or telehealth appointment with Dr. Kupracz, please call 239-348-4221 or visit to schedule an appointment online.


Market CEO, Physicians Regional Healthcare System

Dr. Rainville is currently accepting new patients, including those covered by Medicare. To schedule an in-person or telehealth appointment with Dr. Rainville, please call 239-348-4221 or visit

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