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Make It Real…Or Just Forget About It!


Is it real or is it not? The advent of expensive, precious metals (isn’t that why they call them precious?) has brought new technology that can mimic or be an alternative to buying actual fine jewelry. Today it’s hard to tell the difference between fine, looking fine and not-so-fine. Okay, you ask, “What exactly is the definition of fine jewelry? […]

A Funny Thing Happened at the Shop Today


Over the years, many of my loyal readers and customers have found many of my true life stories a little hard to believe. My suggestion to the doubting Thomases out there would be come in, take a chair and within an hour or so you will see the comings and goings and experience the drama that occurs in an average […]

The Dog Days of Summer


I have often wondered what exactly the “dog days” of summer meant, and anyone owning a retail business on Marco I’m sure has a pretty good idea. I discovered that the Romans called the hottest and most humid summer days, “dog days.” I can attest to this fact after spending a couple of weeks in Italy during the month of […]

When Did Romance + Love = DIAMONDS?


The concept of diamonds meaning a love symbol wasn’t just a marketing scheme invented in the mid twentieth century. The discovery and use of diamonds goes back thousands of centuries, to as early as 500 B.C. The earliest ring was found in a gravesite from approximately 160 A.D. containing a teenage girl a few miles south of Rome; someone found […]

Life Expectancy of Jewelry


How long will it last? A question that I am often asked after I replace a watch battery. Normally, a watch battery lasts about a year in a good quality watch. In an excellent quality (expensive) watch it can be several years, and in a cheap $5 knock-off watch purchased at the flea market, maybe a few months. So, as […]

Avoid Impractical Jewelry


You bought it because it was unusual and incredibly expensive and find it a nuisance to wear, and when you brought it back to where you purchased it, they could care less, and after all they already have your money. Being a long time practicing goldsmith I am often called upon to right many wrongs, kind of like the nostalgic […]

You Are What You Wear…2018


Years ago I wrote a story about how I could roughly figure a customer’s personality by the kind of wristwatch they might wear. I got many chuckles and also raised a few eyebrows out of joint regardless of the fact it was all in jest, and most of the time I’m fairly accurate. And you know what? The same can […]

Diamonds Are Forever … The reasons, endless


Besides being a girl’s best friend (Am I allowed to use the word girls without consequences these days?), diamonds can also be a gentleman’s bane, for a whole slew of reasons; the trouble, the never-ending choices, and most importantly, the cost. It’s no secret diamonds are expensive, and if they are not expensive, well then you bought crummy, lifeless, inexpensive […]

DIY Watch Battery Replacement: Pros & Cons


Pros: 1) Saves a little bit of money. 2) A learning experience. 3) The joy and satisfaction of completing the task by yourself. 4) Even if you fail miserably, the watch will be correct twice a day. Cons: 1) If you have no clue as to what you are doing (most folks don’t), you will most certainly destroy the watch, […]

Woman’s Club Spring Bling:

A Celebration of Jewelry Supports Local Scholarships

“An excellent woman, one who is capable intelligent and virtuous, who is he who can find her? Her value is more precious than jewels, and her worth is far above rubies or pearls.” ~ Proverbs 31:10, Invocation by member Shirley Fair The Marco Island Woman’s Club (MIWC) recently held its first Spring Bling Luncheon and Jewelry Fashion Show at the […]

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