All That Glitters

Life Expectancy of Jewelry


How long will it last? A question that I am often asked after I replace a watch battery. Normally, a watch battery lasts about a year in a good quality watch. In an excellent quality (expensive) watch it can be several years, and in a cheap $5 knock-off watch purchased at the flea market, maybe a few months. So, as […]

Avoid Impractical Jewelry


You bought it because it was unusual and incredibly expensive and find it a nuisance to wear, and when you brought it back to where you purchased it, they could care less, and after all they already have your money. Being a long time practicing goldsmith I am often called upon to right many wrongs, kind of like the nostalgic […]

You Are What You Wear…2018


Years ago I wrote a story about how I could roughly figure a customer’s personality by the kind of wristwatch they might wear. I got many chuckles and also raised a few eyebrows out of joint regardless of the fact it was all in jest, and most of the time I’m fairly accurate. And you know what? The same can […]

Diamonds Are Forever … The reasons, endless


Besides being a girl’s best friend (Am I allowed to use the word girls without consequences these days?), diamonds can also be a gentleman’s bane, for a whole slew of reasons; the trouble, the never-ending choices, and most importantly, the cost. It’s no secret diamonds are expensive, and if they are not expensive, well then you bought crummy, lifeless, inexpensive […]

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