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Millennial Mogul Offers Inspiration to Black Friday Shoppers

Back in October, I had the pleasure of interviewing Peter Jean Marie for an article which appeared in the October 26th edition of the Coastal Breeze News. Peter Jean Marie is the sharp-dressed Naples resident with his sights set on carving out a name for himself in the fashion world as he embarks on his Dream Big Campaign. To me, […]

Your Wildest Dreams


If you could suddenly have that ultimate and perfect piece of jewelry you have always wanted right this minute, what would it be? Many of the ladies I have asked that question to answered they would like a beautiful high quality diamond at least two carats in a ring or a pendant, some said a one carat stud in each […]

Being ‘In The Zone’


Have you ever found yourself “in the zone” while in the process of accomplishing a task or when playing your favorite sport? It’s a rare confident feel-good feeling and anyone who has experienced it knows exactly what I am talking about. Most of my “in the zone” experiences occur at my workbench. Everything must be just right; I call them […]

There’s a Difference Between Living and Living Well


I’ve rambled on the past few months about so-called great deals at “special seizures” at hotel auctions, or a mindless alcohol soaked purchase while cruising abroad, or the ones who forked over a large quantity of hard earned cash to some unknown entity in cyberspace using a credit card over the internet for jewelry they have never even seen. The […]

Jewelry… The Progress of Design


In past articles, I have touched on the how and why and the subject of personal jewelry beginning with the dawn of man. It can be called speculation, and it could be the result of my vivid imagination, who knows?  The first gift of jewelry could have been the fang of a recently killed saber-toothed creature, simply bound with a […]

Personal Treasures


It may be something you don’t realize is so important to you. It could be only one thing or it could be many special things. One of my treasures is a simple buck knife given to me by my Uncle Richie, an ex-Marine. He gave it to me (a kid raised on the streets of Dorchester, Massachusetts) upon hearing I […]

It Called to Me


I’m back enjoying my self prescribed R&R in a location I consider the most beautiful and enjoyable place on earth, Mallorca, Spain. While Marco Island is my real home, anyone who has seen the beauty and grandeur of this Balearic Island will be smitten with its friendly people and one hundred twenty-five or so beaches, kissed by the ink blue […]

Going, Going, Gone?


Did you ever have a favorite place, like a restaurant, bar or coffee shop for example, when your every visit was always a comfortable and enjoyable experience and suddenly without warning it’s gone forever? The loss is a painful experience; I felt that pain when the German-built glocke bar at the Bavarian Inn ended up in a dumpster and was […]

Make It Real…Or Just Forget About It!


Is it real or is it not? The advent of expensive, precious metals (isn’t that why they call them precious?) has brought new technology that can mimic or be an alternative to buying actual fine jewelry. Today it’s hard to tell the difference between fine, looking fine and not-so-fine. Okay, you ask, “What exactly is the definition of fine jewelry? […]

A Funny Thing Happened at the Shop Today


Over the years, many of my loyal readers and customers have found many of my true life stories a little hard to believe. My suggestion to the doubting Thomases out there would be come in, take a chair and within an hour or so you will see the comings and goings and experience the drama that occurs in an average […]

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