Book Remarks

Fun Read for Jane Austen Fans


“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” ~ C.S. Lewis Have you ever gotten to the point in a book where you knew you would stay up all night to finish it? Even though you knew how it would end? And even though you had to get up and […]

“Mr. Flood’s Last Resort” by Jess Kidd


“Are there cold corners?” “Yes.” “Inexplicable noises?” “Sometimes.” “Strange behavior from the animals in the house, barking or hissing?” “Hissing, definitely.” “A brooding malignity?” I glance at her, wondering where she gets these words. “Only when Mr. Flood is about.” I knew from the first few pages that “Mr. Flood’s Last Resort,” by Jess Kidd, was going to be eerie. […]

Summer Beach Read, ‘by invitation only’


“What is it about this place?” “Look, I don’t know if it’s the smell of the earth or the night skies with all the stars or what, but I think it’s a bit like making a cake. You wouldn’t eat butter or flour or vanilla by themselves, but when you combine them with eggs and milk, they become something else. […]

Korean Women’s Heartbreak and Strength During World War II


It was a chrysanthemum, a symbol of mourning for Koreans. The imperial seal of Japan was the yellow chrysanthemum, a crest symbolizing the imperial family’s power. Emi had wondered which came first, the symbol of power or mourning. “White Chrysanthemum,” by Mary Lynn Bracht, is one of the easiest books I’ve ever read and one of the hardest books I’ve […]

Would You Want to Know?


“I wanted to do something good. So I think, Okay: What do nurses do? They help people, people who suffer. Why do they suffer? ‘Cause they don’t know what’s gonna happen to them. So what if I can take that away? If they have answers, they’ll be free, is what I thought. If they know when they’ll die, they can […]

A Perfect Summer Thriller


“Maybe you should be a lawyer.” “I can’t think of anything worse.” This tongue-in-cheek observation is just one of the fun things you’ll find in “Camino Island” by John Grisham. It’s a quick a snack of a book, a summer read that’s as entertaining as it is engaging. The one and only John Grisham book I read was “A Time […]

Coming of Age in the Wilds of Alaska


“Did adults just look at the world and see what they wanted to see, think what they wanted to think? Did evidence and experience mean nothing?” This is just one of the questions Leni Allbright poses in “The Great Alone,” by Kristin Hannah, a sprawling story about love, loss and survival not only in relationships but also in the extraordinary […]

Revisiting a Classic: ‘Lord of the Flies’


“This is our island. It’s a good island. Until the grownups come to fetch us we’ll have fun.” Once every three months I like to revisit classics from those good ‘ole school days, just to see if they are anything like I remember. Case in point: I read “The Great Gatsby” last year and wondered how I ever considered that […]

Reflecting on What Really Matters

BOOK REMARKS Lynn Alexander Forty-one. That is the number of post-it markers I have sticking out of Ursula K. Le Guin’s “No Time to Spare: Thinking About What Matters,” a collection of blog posts/essays written between 2010-2016. And the reason I have forty-one post-it markers is because Le Guin had me thinking quite a bit about what mattered to her. […]

Is Anyone Really Who They Seem?


“I know what you did that day.” This cover proclamation on the novel “Safe With Me,” by K.L. Slater, still baffles me since it could belong to any one of the strange and twisted characters in this book. My bet is on Mrs. Peat but opinions vary. And I was actually able to get different opinions as I had the […]

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