Events Enjoy Community Support


What a great evening it was at the 20th Anniversary celebration of the Marco Island Charter Middle School (MICMS) held at the Marco Island Country Club! The people were mostly dressed in Western wear, and they were in the greatest mood for a great party! At the beginning of the party, the MICMS band played such good music, it was […]


Per-spic-u-ous Adjective: (Latin: perspicere, to see through) clear in a statement or expression; easily understood. Pro-trep-tic Adjective: intended as instructional. Noun: a book, speech, essay, etc., that is protreptic. el-ee-mos-y-nar-y Adjective: related to charity; given in charity; dependent on or supported by charity. ep-i-dem-ic Adjective: prevalent and spreading rapidly among many individuals in a community, said usually of a disease. […]

Transparency Takes a Hit!

What is meant by governmental transparency? It means an open, accountable and honest government. Information on how officials spend taxpayers’ money and conduct the public business is a key component in transparency that must be readily available to its taxpayers. There was a council discussion item in the December 4, 2017 council meeting to replace Ordinance 14-04, Section 30-673 where […]


Start of Season

It’s that time of year again when we get ready to welcome our neighbors back from their travels far and wide. We will wait to hear about their adventures over the summer months and see the latest pictures of grandchildren who are quickly growing up and becoming young men and women on their own. Yes, the traffic will increase a […]

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Tax Reform and the Hypocrisy of our Political Establishment and Theory of Trickle-Down Economics

A win is a win is a win, or is it? The Republicans signed, sealed and delivered a tax reform package that President Trump signed into law in December of last year. The question is, is it a sound reform? Or is it a flawed and skewed major piece of legislation that favors the rich and ultimately will increase our […]

Look Again – There Are Wonders Right Before Your Eyes!


If you haven’t heard of or visited the Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center (aka Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Center) at 300 Tower Road, you’re missing not only an aesthetic experience, but growth in knowledge and appreciation of our local natural environment. It’s just north on Collier Boulevard, take a left before you get to Walmart. For several years, I’ve […]



“Show me the way to go home. I’m tired and I want to go to bed.” These are words sung by actors Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss and Roy Scheider as they enjoyed an evening drink on their boat. The next thing they heard was “Thump!” the sound of something hitting the hull. Again “Thump!” and the impact was more forceful. […]

Gifts Mean No Take Backs – Usually


We just finished what most agree is the primary gifting season of the year. But, gifts are made all year round and can become the subject of dispute. Some believe they own a gift, and later find out the “giver” did not think a gift was made. In other cases, siblings might challenge a purported gift to a brother or […]

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