Historical Missteps

More Straight Talk

I’ve had the privilege to own here in Collier County for over 30 years now. Collier is as much part of my home as is Marco Island. I’m proud of this area, not only because of the sunshine and comfortable temperatures, but for the wonderful planning that has gone on by government and institutions which make up this small portion […]

Longer Days and Lots to Do

Coastal Comments

My goodness, the days are already getting longer! Just since Christmas we have gained about ½ hour till dark. That’s going fast, or maybe I never noticed how quickly the time changes after we were so dark. There are lots of things happening again, and at this time of year, that is not unusual. You’ve probably noticed there is construction […]

LTE: Letter to City Council

Dear City Council,  During the period 2005 though 2008 there was negative publicity and criticism about the City’s plans to eliminate some 5,000 aging septic systems and put these homes on a central sewer system – which was the original intent of the Marco Island waste water design.  Prior members of City Council took a terrible public beating for their […]

LTE: Marco Wildlife Sheds a Tear

One might think that the passage of a new protected species ordinance in the January 7th City Council Meeting would be great news for our wildlife. Regrettably, the new ordinance does not provide a sufficiently strong deterrent for the most egregious wildlife offenders. There will still be people that will destroy our wildlife and their habitat. Though the $5,000 maximum […]

Wishes For a Happy New Year


Happy New Year everyone! Let’s hope this is the best one ever! Just recently my son flew into Collier County to visit for Christmas, as he does each year, and we decided to celebrate the first night of his arrival. I wanted him to see a fun place with great food, so we took him to the Old Marco Pub. […]

The 50 Years Since 1969

More Straight Talk

As I sit here today, I ponder about the changes we’ve seen in the last 50 years which occurred during the year 1969.  Many of those changes we couldn’t even have imagined, or only have been dreamed about when I was 19 years of age. It was in 1961 when President John F. Kennedy challenged our nation to put a […]

Open Letter to Marco City Council

Councilors: I am using this newspaper venue, instead of the “public comment” segment at a city council meeting, hoping for a more positive reaction than the typical “Thank you…next?”. Councilors, with the recent hiring of professional Interim City Manager David Harden, Marco is finally emerging from an embarrassing situation. The missteps you made when seeking an Interim City Manager have […]

LTE: And the Beat Goes on…

If there’s such a thing as an amusing tragedy, last week’s Council meeting qualifies: Councilor Grifoni received a plaque commemorating his term as Chairman and presumably eclipsing the “No Confidence” vote he received in May. Councilor Honig correctly bemoaned recent disruptions staff placed on historical activities at Mackle Park Lake. However, it never occurred to Honig that a formal motion […]

EDITORIAL & OPINION | Volunteers are the Heart of Our Christmas Season

More Straight Talk

It’s still a little strange to realize that Christmas is quickly approaching for most of us that grew up in a climate that was not as “friendly” as it is here in Southwest Florida. As many of you know, I’ve had the privilege of being the Chairman of Christmas Island Style for the last 14 years. I’ve had the wonderful […]

Holiday Season is Here!


Lots of wonderful events and parties going on at this time of year, and I hope you have attended many of them! There was the Chamber’s Jingle Bell Bash at the beautiful Hideaway Beach Club where the food is always outstanding and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming! A great time was had by all, and it was a perfect […]

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