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Letter to the Editor: VOTE YES For Marco EMS Strong!

The Referendum process has worked well when the majority voted our Island becoming a city (only one of three municipalities in the County) to provide our own administration separate from Collier County. A year later in 1998, voters made the logical step to approve the establishment of our police department separate from the County Sheriff.  Because the office of Sheriff […]

Letter to the Editor: I Prefer Sooner Over Later

Which scenario would you prefer? You are experiencing crushing chest pain from a heart attack and can barely breathe. Marco paramedics arrive in 4 minutes or less, give life saving meds as needed and transport you immediately to a hospital. OR Marco paramedics arrive, do chest compressions, then stand around another five minutes waiting for Collier County paramedics to arrive. […]

The Future of Responsive Quality EMS/Ambulance Service on Marco Island

Letters to the Editor

This issue is about Marco Island’s EMS future. I have seen letters to the editor from people that do not live here or have never spoken to me about this issue. We, the citizens on Marco Island, must focus on the important issues that directly affect our Island, which include quality medical care, better utilization of your 28 existing paramedics […]

Possible Dangers of Keyless Ignitions

Letters to the Editor

Both of my vehicles have keyless ignitions. In other words, I carry a key “fob” that allows me to start my vehicles with the press of a dashboard button while the fob remains in my pocket. How convenient. Today, more than 17 million vehicles sold each year in the U.S. have keyless ignitions but since being introduced in the 2000s, […]

Clean the Beach

Letters to the Editor

We have been visiting Marco Island the past three years and find it to be a true gem. Every a.m. when we would awake, the walks around your area were filled with endless wonders. One of our goals was to clean the beach each a.m. from the debris that was left by careless individuals. We look forward to future visits […]

Commentary Concerning Marco Island’s Quest For COPCN

There is much being written and being said about this important subject. It is imperative that the residents on Marco Island understand the full concept of our quest to have our own license to transport (COPCN). This is not a new idea, nor is it a retaliatory strike against our County. The difficulty is our County has failed to meet […]

LTE: Marco Ambulance Issue: Some Deep Concerns

I first want to thank City Council Chair Jared Grifoni for giving us the opportunity to vote on the proposal to have Marco Island get its own ambulance service (officially known as a “Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity” or COPCN). His putting the trust in our residents rather than some elected officials to decide this matter is greatly appreciated. […]

LTE: Dr. Jerry Swiacki for City Council

In the 45 years I’ve worked as a general surgeon, I’ve learned that one of the first objectives you have to accomplish with a patient and a family is to establish a bond of trust between all parties.  A surgeon is akin to an orchestra conductor, leading many professionals that must come together under the direction of the surgeon to […]

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