Coach Wayne’s Corner

Change is Good

Coach Wayne’s Corner

There are times in life when you have to make decisions that are emotionally challenging and which require you to choose a new direction. As many of you already know, last year I assumed a full time position as a laser technician with Lenkbar Surgical Solutions, LLC. Lenkbar is providing me an opportunity for advancement within the company, which I […]

Construction Zone


If you have been by The Racquet Center recently you have noticed a lot of activity going on, and I don’t necessarily mean people playing tennis and pickleball. The Racquet Center is undergoing renovations. Gary Morton of Mor-Sports and his crew are hard at work, implementing improvements and upgrades at the facility. Mor-Sports built all of the courts at East […]

Equal Rights

Coach Wayne’s Corner

My initial plan for this article was that it was going to be titled “Why I Love Wimbledon” and I had intended to discuss all of the history and traditions that are associated with “The Championships.” Things like, the players must wear all white, and the lines judges and ball boys are all attired in Ralph Lauren. The ladies wear […]

The Fun Factor

Coach Wayne’s Corner

As I spend more and more time with all levels of pickleball players, I have come to realize that the biggest catch to becoming addicted to the sport of pickleball, is the fun factor of the game. Players on the recreational level of the game are finding that pickleball is a great way to get in a good workout, keep […]

Summer Fun

Coach Wayne’s Corner

Summer is here and there are plenty of activities that are being offered for kids on Marco Island. As a coach, I believe that the more sports a young person can be exposed to, the better they will be at all sports! As a parent, I believe summer vacation is a time for kids to enjoy fun activities, like going […]

Spectator Sport

Coach Wayne’s Corner

Having spent a good part of my instructional career involved with both amateur and professional tennis tournaments, as a coach, a competitor and as an event coordinator, I am very familiar with the logistics, infrastructure and organizational aspects required to run an event as large as the Minto U.S. Open Pickleball Championships. I want to first and foremost compliment tournament […]

The Volley Dink

Coach Wayne’s Corner

In one of my previous articles, “Three Strikes and Your In,” I wrote about the importance of the third ball shot scenario and the ability to efficiently and effectively utilize the dink shot in the kitchen to win points. In tennis, a half volley is a shot that requires me to volley the ball on the bounce (aka a dink […]

A Game For The Ages

Coach Wayne’s Corner

In my previous column, entitled “Last Call,” I discussed the demise of tennis and the current lack of interest in the sport. I have spent the majority of my life as an avid tennis player, and the last twenty-five years as a tennis instructor/coach. As such, I am always happy and proud when one of my young students, who is […]

Last Call

Coach Wayne’s Corner

As a committed and dedicated lifelong tennis player, and a twenty-five year career instructor, I am sad to say that I am witnessing the demise of tennis. Somewhat like last call at your favorite watering hole, time appears to be running out on the sport of tennis. While there are several theories that could arguably be debated on the subject, […]

Three Strikes and You’re in


In the sport of baseball the rule is three strikes and you are out, but in the sport of pickleball, it’s three strikes and you are in! The importance of the third shot in pickleball is a priority on all levels of the game. Players on an advanced level of play are utilizing the third shot as a strategic opportunity […]

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