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Pulling the Trigger


Many great golfers have one, and anyone that wants to be good at this game needs one: a swing trigger. Feeling comfortable over the golf ball can be difficult for many golfers, this leads to lack of confidence and hesitation when attempting to strike the ball. A swing trigger is a subtle movement that occurs after all pre-swing thoughts have […]

Roll the Rock!

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When putting, most amateurs leave the ball short of the hole. When we watch golf on TV the pros very rarely leave the ball short, unless they do on the rare occasion miss hit the put. In coming up short most amateurs just do not follow through on their put and stop the putter head as soon as the ball […]

Tony’s Putting Tips

All About Golf

When it comes to choosing the right putter for you, there are a number of factors to consider. Putter Fitting Length: The average stock length putter is 34-35 inches. But length is generally a personal preference. Lie and loft: Lie and loft are not usually customized, but certain companies do offer customizing. The average loft of a putter is between […]

Mental Toughness on the Golf Course


If you have played one round of golf, you know how difficult and mentally taxing the game can be. My favorite question from students, “Is the game more mental or physical?” My answer, equally both parts. You might have the most beautiful swing and technique in the world, but if you fold under pressure or struggle to think your way […]

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