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No Will? Statutes Direct Distribution


A properly drafted Will provides many benefits. One important benefit is avoiding conflict. A Will can help minimize dispute by clear direction for distribution of estate assets. A Will can provide other benefits. An estate plan can be created to minimize or eliminate debt or inheritance taxes. Although Florida has no estate tax, there is still a tax at the […]

Buffalo Wild Wings: Your Game Day Destination

The sound was deafening, and thunderous screams could be heard from the parking lot. Some even had tears that streamed down their cheeks. The emotional outbursts from everyone shouting in unison seemed to rattle the floor and shake the windows. Everyone, win or lose, left anticipating their next visit. This is a typical game-day at Buffalo Wild Wings in East […]

Yeah Science!

Ask The CFP® Practitioner

“We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.” ~ Jacques Yves Cousteau (1910-1997) Question: What can be done about the dwindling supply of fresh water in the world? Answer: The earth is a closed-water system meaning that the earth does not lose or gain water over time. Our population however continues to grow, placing greater demands […]

Attorney Fees to Winner – Not So Fast


Lawsuits are expensive. A big expense in any lawsuit is the attorney’s fees. Some disputes are pursued because the combatants believe the winner will get his or her attorney’s fees in addition to any other relief awarded by the court. But, attorney’s fees are not awarded in every case. Florida courts follow what is known as the “American rule” concerning […]

Undue Influence Voids a Will


Florida is a mecca for the elderly. No state income tax and no snow attract many retirees. Retirees often pay increased attention to estate planning, as many anticipate the road ahead will be shorter than the road behind. Beneficiaries may be even more interested, particularly if they see an opportunity to get a bigger part or all of the retirees’ […]

The Amazon Phenomenon

Ask The CFP® Practitioner

“Human behavior flows from three main sources; desire, emotion and knowledge.” ~ Plato Several weeks ago we addressed growth trends for online shopping and the impact on consumer behavior. Today we’ll continue that conversation. The online shopping experience is typically a more cost-efficient proposition for companies when compared to a traditional brick and mortar (B&M) retail space model. This led […]

A Taxing Ordeal

Ask The CFP® Practitioner

“The best way to teach your kids about taxes is by eating 30% of their ice cream.”                     ~ Bill Murray, Comedian The last column mentioned that today we’d examine how online shopping and the internet are influencing retail space. Since that time I’ve received questions regarding income tax preparation. Today […]

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