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Help Nesting Sea Turtles

Keeping beaches dark at night and free of obstacles will help sea turtles during their nesting season, which began at the beginning of this month and lasts through the end of October. Bright artificial lighting can misdirect and disturb nesting sea turtles and their hatchlings, so beachgoers should avoid using flashlights or cellphones at night. Turning out lights or closing […]

Denise Santos, Goodland’s Morale Officer: Her Paintings Perk People Up


By Barry Gwinn hortly after Hurricane Irma had devastated Goodland, a painting appeared on the picture window of the Goodland Post Office. It popped up at a time of great stress and turmoil in Goodland. People were returning to find the interiors of their homes covered in stinking mud, appliances and furniture ruined, roofs torn up, and their lives disrupted. […]

Ever Notice People Who LOVE Their Jobs? They Stand Out!


The Marco Island Historical Society Appraisal Faire on March 3rd at the newly redesigned Mackle Park Recreation Center was one of those events that brought out the best in almost everyone. The appraisers from the renowned PBS “Antiques Roadshow,” Wes Cowan, Nan Chisholm and Ken Farmer were enthusiastic, congenial and incredibly knowledgeable about antiques and some items that were brought […]

A Day of Discovery and Friendship

The smile on Brandon Martinez’s face pretty much said it all as he proudly held a sizable chunk of coral of which he couldn’t be prouder. “I got a fossil, a big one,” he said excitedly about his discovery during the beach exploration portion of the Guadalupe Center’s 26th annual Buddy Day, held recently at Hideaway Beach. The event pairs […]

Cane Toads: Toad-ally Toxic to Pets

The cane toad (rhinella marina) is the largest of all the frogs and toads found in Florida. Also known as the bufo toad, marine toad or giant toad, they are repulsive, invasive and toxic. When a cane toad is disturbed, it secretes a highly toxic, milky gooey substance at the back of its head. This chemical cocktail is highly toxic […]

Burrowing Owls and Award Winning Student Headline DAR Meeting

The winner of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) American History Essay is Marco Island Charter Middle School (MICMS) seventh grader, Kathryn Barry. DAR members presented Kathryn with a certificate and medal at their recent chapter meeting at the Hideaway Beach Club. Her essay, “World War I: Remembering the War to End all Wars,” was in the form of […]

Monarchs Released

After Hurricane Irma blew down our orange tree leaving a large open space in our yard we decided to fill the space with a butterfly garden. So, we asked the experts who recommended several bush species of the size we required. They told us we would attract monarch butterflies. “Great! We can go for that.” So, we bought seven plants […]

Big Bash in Bozicniks’ Back Yard

Ray and Amy Throw a Doozy

It was mind boggling. On Saturday, February 17, 2018, a picture perfect winter day, Ray and Amy Bozicnik (Bo-zich’- nick) threw a wedding by the river and a reception in Ray’s backyard for their daughter, Nina and her bride, Jessica Henske. I doubt if Goodland has ever seen anything like this. Nina grew up in Goodland and is currently the […]

Can YOU Help? Local PAWS Dogs Assist in Parkland


“At the request of the Attorney General’s Office, the FBI and Red Cross, PAWS dogs and handlers arrived in Parkland, Florida within two days of the shooting to offer crisis care and so much more to students, parents, teachers and first responders. They will remain on the scene as the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School reopens its doors to grieving […]

Influenza Striking Hard

This flu season of 2017-2018 is one that won’t be easily forgotten. Nationwide, the upper respiratory disease has been at epidemic levels since the season’s early November start and it continues to fell the young, the old and those inbetween at unusually high levels. Physicians have been treating as many patients as they did during the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic, […]

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