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Becoming More Psychologically-Flexible Through Mindfulness


In my last two columns I discussed the six components of psychological flexibility. Valued Living Mindfulness Commitment Acceptance Observing Self Disentanglement In this post I want to focus on Mindfulness and how to help you become more mindful. Mindfulness is best described as moment-by-moment awareness. There are four dimensions of mindful moments. They are (1) present centered, (2) non-conceptual (3) […]

Sand Dollar Pilates: Functional Movement for Quality of Life

Movement may change as we age, but that does not mean our quality of life has to. The recently opened Sand Dollar Pilates studio adapts functional movement to an individual’s abilities, with a focus on quality of life. Pilates can help improve flexibility, muscle strength, rehabilitate or prevent injuries related to muscle imbalances.  Originally from the west side of Michigan, […]

Just Sit There


“In an age of constant movement, nothing is more important than sitting still.”                                         ~ Pico Iyer Thanksgiving 2018 is behind us already. Autumn swooped in on a caravan of vehicle transporters around the end of September. About that same time, […]

‘You Must Choose… Choose Wisely’


Movies have always been a passion of mine and I am certain that with a little theme song flair from John Williams and his orchestra our lives would be far more interesting. When I encounter situations that require a difficult decision, (cue the ominous string section), I fall victim to visions from one of my all-time favorite movies: “Indiana Jones: […]

Becoming More Psychologically Flexible Through Valued Living


I ended my last column by listing the six components of psychological flexibility.   Valued living.   Mindfulness.   Commitment.   Acceptance.   Observing Self.   Disentanglement. In this column I’ll start discussing these components and focus on what valued living means and how to live a more values-based-life. What Are Values? Your values are the roadmap for your life […]

Project Search Comes to Collier County

By Jodi Pree

Project Search, which began in 1996 and currently boasts over 500 cities, is a supported internship program designed to prepare young adults with special abilities to enter the workforce. Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) and Naples Community Hospital (NCH) have partnered to provide the very first Project Search program in Collier County. Since August, the first group of interns have […]

Getting Stuck; Understanding Psychological Inflexibility & Stress


As I discussed in earlier columns, like your computer, internet router, or any other complex machine that has multiple components and systems that interact with each other, your mind can freeze and get stuck. When this happens it is difficult to think clearly about potential stressors and your ability to cope with them. When your computer and router freeze you […]

Free Evaluation of Medicare Benefits

Specially-trained SHINE counselors help educate and empower Medicare beneficiaries, their families, and caregivers to understand their health care options so they can make the best decisions for their individual needs. Did you know that Medicare health insurance and drug plans can make changes each year—revising things like cost, coverage, the prescriptions they include, and their list of in-network providers and […]

Courage and Determination

Courage is something we all hope we might have if called upon to face our greatest fears or the challenges in life which call upon us to muster the inner strengths to overcome some of the most catastrophic encounters we might face. From the Bible to fairy tales, ancient myths to Hollywood movies, our culture is rich with exemplary tales […]

Japanese Psychology and Emotions


Emotions are impulses to act. They force you to stop, assess any potential threat, and then act, all within a split second. Some of the stronger emotions like fear and anger are very threatening and can trigger the fight or flight response all by themselves. People often confuse negative emotions with stress. They are two different things. Negative emotions are […]

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