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Organizing the Whole

Mind, Body And Spirit

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts.”  ~ Aristotle I have a friend who can pack the essentials for a 10-day trip in a carry-on bag. By day her outfits coordinate, including jewelry and appropriate shoes, and at night she will have the right dress or slacks for a picnic on the beach or an impromptu dinner […]

Reduce, the 4th Line of Defense Against Stress

Stress Less, Live More

When this column started several months ago, I introduced my Five R’s of Coping Model, a multi-level defense system against stress. The Five R’s; Relax, Release, Rethink, Reduce, and Reorganize provide five different levels of defense against stress. So far, we’ve worked our way through Relax, Release, and Rethink. In this column I’ll introduce the 4th level of defense, Reduce, […]

Using Disentanglement to Become More Psychologically-Flexible

Stress Less, Live More

In this column I’ll cover the last two techniques you can use to develop greater psychological flexibility. They are called the Observing Self and Disentanglement. Remember, the more psychologically-flexible you are, the less stressed you’ll be. What people refer to as your self is not really a single thing. You can view your self from a variety of different perspectives. […]

Take Comfort in Our Emergency Room

To Your Health

A few years ago, my friend Tom told me a story that has continued to shape my view on emergency room services. Just one week after relocating to Marco Island, Tom found himself in the Emergency Room at Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard. He had been experiencing many of the symptoms associated with a heart attack.   Though a family member accompanied him, […]

How to Turn a Dime Into $800

Mind, Body and Spirit

“While it may seem small, the ripple effect of small things is extraordinary.” ~ Matt Bevin It’s not what you think. I’m not a financial wizard with a hot stock tip ready to reveal a quick way to get an 8,000% return on your money. Nope. My story has more to do with a little silver coin and the pop […]

Help Us Solve the Cruel Mystery

“What,” you may ask, “is the cruel mystery?” The mystery is Lupus. The word lupus is the Latin word for wolf. In the 13th Century, it was first described as Lupus due to the skin lesions, as many patients exhibit a malar rash across the bridge of the nose and the cheeks which resembled the markings of wolf bites. In […]

Honoring the Voice Within

Mind, Body and Spirit

“Good judgement comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgement.” ~ Will Rogers For as long as I can remember, I have had a dog in my life. As a child, my family always had a dog. We also had cats, turtles, rabbits, hamsters, salamanders and a baby chick that I won in a school raffle […]

Becoming More Psychologically-Flexible Through Commitment

Stress Less, Live More

If you’re just tuning into this column for the first time you might want to go back and check out some of the previous columns online. Over the past few columns I’ve been talking about reducing stress by becoming more psychologically-flexible. In a recent post I discussed the six components of psychological flexibility: Valued Living, Mindfulness, Acceptance,  Commitment, Observing Self, and […]

Zen it Up for the New Year

Yogi followers of Laurie Kasperbauer, Megan Wood, Debby Amicucci of Marco Island Yoga and Julia Szilogyi of Revival Yoga Fitness Studio came together on December 15th at South Beach to raise money for the victims of the November 2nd tragic shooting at the Hot Yoga Studio in Tallahassee. In addition, members of the healing community such as Monarch Wellness from […]

Setting Values-Based New Year’s Resolutions That Work


Now that the dust has settled and all of the “experts” have chimed in regarding their thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions I’d like to offer you some new ideas to ponder regarding why resolutions work or do not work. The word “resolution” is derived from the root “resolve” and means to solve by changing, converting, or dissipating. In the case […]

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