Stepping Stones

Florida Beaches vs. Lake Okeechobee

Stepping Stones

It’s a hot topic of conversation among politicians, farmers, tourists and tour operators… What’s with all of this brown water at our area beaches? There’s nothing new about it; this problem has plagued coastal residents and visitors for some time. But where does it start, how did it get to the beaches and what the heck are “nutrients?” Water releases […]

Do Hurricanes Affect Our Bird Population?

Stepping Stones

I’m sitting at my desk, writing this article and looking at the wind and rain outside my window as tropical storm Alberto is passing by South Florida. Mother Nature…what are you doing? It’s not even June and you are throwing tropical rain conditions at us already! Be nice!!! Some humans are still recovering from Hurricane Irma that made landfall on […]

‘Tis The SEA-SON For Sea Turtles

Stepping Stones

Not teenage, not mutant, not ninja, just turtles. Sea turtles, and lots of them, are on their way to Florida’s many beaches. From Sarasota and Collier counties on the west coast to Broward County on northward to Volusia County on the east coast, thousands of these air-breathing reptiles are now laying their eggs in our state. Sea turtles are among […]

Diaphragmatic Breathing to Reduce Stress


Breathing is the basis of both life and all relaxation activities. One of the great ironies of breathing is how important it is yet how little attention we pay to it. Although breathing is our biological and spiritual connection to the universe we usually take it completely for granted. In a sense, every time you breathe you recycle the very […]

On the Move…Gators and Crocs

“I went on my morning walk today and saw five alligators in our community lakes!” “Well I was driving my car and saw six, count ‘em, six gators in the canals along Collier Boulevard!” These types of posts and conversations are dominating social media and neighborhood talk these days. Yep, we are in mating season and alligators are on the […]

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