Monday, March 8, 2021

Yoga is Universal



Body, Mind And Spirit
Dianne Saywell

Arriving at the Marco Fitness/Healthy Body studio to teach a Saturday morning class, I see two very tall, very blonde women waiting by the door. I approach their beautiful smiles and notice their age difference and assume that they are mother and daughter. I soon discover that they are visiting from Riga, Latvia and speak very little English. They both have never done yoga before. I mentally scratch my head and think, “hmm, this will be interesting.”

I give these two very open and adventurous souls yoga mats and begin to speak loudly as we tend to do, thinking volume will surpass the language barrier. The looks on their faces brought me to the decision to just try and breath with them. Breathe and move – together. Yoga is, after all just that, our connection to our breath and body.

We stand tall (especially them!!), the three of us and inhale our arms up and overhead, reaching and expanding the lungs with the deepest breath. Exhaling slowly, arms releasing down, tension dissolving in the body that it so readily holds onto. We continue with a few rounds of this

Stretching the boundaries of the body and the spirit. PHOTO BY DIANNE SAYWELL

Stretching the boundaries of the body and the spirit. PHOTO BY DIANNE SAYWELL

deep, purposeful and life sustaining breath and movement. Soon we are connected, not only to our breath but to each other.

Needless to say, not many words were spoken in that class as we practiced our gentle poses. In the beginning there were little anxious glances and giggles between them, but as time went on we fell into the Vinyasa (moving) meditation and Pranyama (breathing) as one collective energy with an open and relaxed feeling. Approximately 60 minutes later, we sat with our hands pressed together at heart center and looked at each other with big smiles; a new sense of connection was formed that spans all races, genders, religions and even heights! This universal feeling of acceptance and being of one mind in that moment needn’t be put into words.



Dianne Saywell works full time at a local dental office where she educates and helps maintain the oral health of the patients as a dental hygienist. She also spends her time introducing people to and sharing the healing power of YOGA, and the health it brings to the body, mind and spirit. Yoga, along with many other great classes, is offered at Healthy Body/Marco Fitness Club.

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