Sunday, April 18, 2021

YES, I am an Ohio Gal!



Chef Anne Feinman

CBN_B15-18As I was considering a story for this edition of Coastal Breeze, my husband was listening to WNIR, an Akron, OH talk show. A commercial came on about Ohio sweet corn… and the memories came flowing back. So this story, born from a radio commercial, will stir your own memories of childhood favorites.

Hometowns have area food stars. We all remember The Wizard of Oz…”there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.” My hometown, a suburb of Akron, was known for its chicken houses, burger joints, and summertime sweet corn. The chicken restaurants were a Sunday after church family outing. Crispy chicken, spicy rice, and sweet ice tea. The burger haunts, were drive-ins, where all of us teens hung out, with our radios tuned high and trays hanging off our car windows. Another drive-in favorite was A&W, with a coney dog and iced cold rootbeer in a frosty mug. Ahhh, the sweet memories.

Remember when the roast beef drive through, actually served real



sliced roasted beef? I do! Lawson’s, a market, now long gone, had the best chipchop ham, chip dip and chips. Antonio’s Pizza had the most delicious pizza… and by the way, they are still a tradition and going strong in Cleveland. “A secret” we are now making available at Mango’s at our bar or by take-out!

Whether you are from Philadelphia, with the Philly Steak sandwiches, from Maryland, with their Crabcakes, from Chicago, where you claim great pizza, New England with their Clam Chowder… hometown memories are the BEST! Some family traditions have changed, as we have moved into new states and new areas of the country, but the memories hold strong. When I was growing up, a poolside party was a cookout, with sweet corn, burgers, dogs etc. A party here in Southwest Florida, is shrimp cocktail, raw oysters and stone crab claws.

As summer is upon us, Mango’s is putting together cooking demos and classes, with our calendar ready for your reservation on July 12. We look forward to sharing some fun, exciting events to spur your memories.

Happy Summer!


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