Friday, March 5, 2021

Xtreme Escape Adding Death Row Room

Death Row Room under construction. | Photos by Matthew Mendisana

Halloween is upon us, as the skeletons, ghosts, and ghouls crawl out from the depths to decorate the island. For many, it’s the month of scary stories, creepy costumes, and tooth-decaying sweets, but for one particular entertainment venture on Marco Island, it has a whole different meaning. Halloween will mark the fourth anniversary since Xtreme Escape opened its doors, and for this occasion, the business is making some changes for their Escape Room Game.

For those who may not know, an Escape Room is a puzzle game where a group of two to eight people are locked in a room and have only one hour to escape. To do this, the group will have to solve the various puzzles scattered throughout the room. However, every room is crafted under a different scenario, with each puzzle attune to that particular setting to up the challenge and stay true to the immersion. This is a trait that Michelle Jordan—the owner—takes personally.

As of now, the successful business has a total of three rooms, each with their own setting and puzzles of varying quantity and difficulty: “Lost in the Everglades,” “Cell Block M,” and their toughest and creepiest one so far, “City Morgue,” which at the time of this article has a success rate of only 19%. However, the venture is making changes as Michelle Jordan, along with her husband, are adding what they describe will be “the best room yet.”

“Cell Block M” is being replaced by a whole new puzzle room called, “Death Row.” Here’s the scenario, you and seven other people are prisoners awaiting the electric chair. With only an hour to spare, you have to find the solutions to the puzzles trapping you there before your sentences are carried out. Intense as it sounds, it’s all in good fun. No one is put in any actual danger.

Xtreme Escape is meant for people of all ages. In fact, the owner has already begun plans to create a new family-friendly room with a dinosaur setting called “Jurassic Island.” While children, teens, and seniors are welcome, players under the age of 14 have to be accompanied by an adult. Regardless of age, the Escape Room Game is not only a fun way to spend an hour, but it’s also a phenomenal trust-building activity.

Xtreme Escape offers an hour-long puzzle game adventure, full of group fun.

This isn’t a game about who’s the smartest, it’s about working together to escape under a limited time. Michelle Jordan gave me the honor of a behind-the-scenes look for each room and their workings, and after seeing what’s in store, I can assure you that playing with someone you work well with is going to make a huge difference. However, if you can’t get a full party together, don’t fret because Xtreme Escape has you covered. To create a complete group, sometimes people from other parties will be paired together—say for example two groups with only four members will be paired up to make a full party of eight. What better way to make a new friend than by escaping a locked room together?

Xtreme Escape is located on 909 North Collier Boulevard, Marco Island. It’s open Wednesday through Sunday. However, Xtreme Escape is willing to make an exception and open on a closed day for anyone who books with a party of 12 or more. Rooms can be rented out for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and even companies looking to do team building events; Xtreme Escape can even do catering. Best of all, you get a 20% discount when you book all the rooms. If you would like more information, or want to book a room, you can head on over to their website: or you can contact them at 239-272-3090.

If you’re looking for a challenge, or want to try something different, then what better month to undertake a new adventure than October? So, choose your most trusted friends, family, or colleagues and bring them down to the Xtreme Escape and pick the room that suits you. Just remember, it doesn’t just take smarts to beat an Escape Room, it takes time and trust.

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