Saturday, April 10, 2021

Words of Encouragement from MICMS



By Val Simon

A19-CBN_9-20-13-9Sometimes you pass by something so often, you don’t even notice it anymore. So it was with the sign at Marco Island Charter Middle School, until one day, it had an intriguing message. An inspirational quote everyone needed to read whether a student, parent or any human being, for that matter. It was so meaningful, I had to take a picture of it and share it with friends. The next day, there was another message! Then another! Now, I can’t wait to drive by every day and see what it says.

Finally, I had to ask. Who



is behind the messages on the sign? Of course, it had to be Mr. Albanese, Dean of Discipline at Marco Island Charter Middle School. “I am a firm believer of positive reinforcement. The problem is with 375 students, I can’t reach every student, every day. If the sign isn’t being used for announcements, why not? If I can reach one more student with a word of encouragement, I’m happy.”

Kudos to Mr. Albanese for caring so much about our children!

Coastal Breeze News will be following Mr. Albanese’s words of encouragement. We are excited to begin sharing more of these signs of inspiration throughout the school year with our readers in upcoming editions.

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