Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Women of Marco Faith and Wine hear about Forgiveness

Dr. Allen Hunt with Carolyn Katchmar.

Dr. Allen Hunt with Carolyn Katchmar.

By Coastal Breeze News Staff

A group of about 225 women came together one evening to see Marco Faith and Wine’s first presentation of 2014, Dr. Allen Hunt. Marco Faith and Wine was formed to offer women an opportunity for fellowship in a casual venue.

Dr. Hunt is not only a best-selling author and a national radio talk-show host, he is the former pastor of one of the largest mega-churches in the United States and, is now vice-president of Dynamic Catholic Institute. His presentation to the guests of Marco Faith and Wine was based on his latest book, “Everybody Needs to Forgive Somebody.”

His presentation captured the attention of the ladies as he relayed an earlier conversation with his wife. “Aren’t you a bit concerned about speaking in front of all women, 225 women in fact?” she asked him. He was confident in presentation, humorous and entertaining. “No,” he replied, “I have a special word, a word that has been in the vault for a very long time.”

The powerful word he was unleashing from their vault was “forgiveness.” During the evening he discussed how forgiveness can unleash unexpected power in our lives. “It

Dr. Allen Hunt introduces the topic.

Dr. Allen Hunt introduces the topic.

is often underrated, underused and ignored.”

Although Dr. Hunt came from a long line of Methodist ministers, he converted to Catholicism in recent years: “Forgiveness is one of the greatest virtues the catholic religion embraces.” Dr. Hunt told the audience about a call that came into his radio show one evening. It was a poignant tale of the power of forgiveness in the caller’s life by a husband who did not allow his wife’s betrayal to keep her from returning to her family. A few tears and a few smiles later the point was driven home….forgiveness is immensely powerful.

The evening which included a glass of wine, appetizers and cookies, concluded with some drawings for door prizes. Sponsors of the event included: Joyce Imbrogno, Cheryl Coffin, Jane Smith, Keith Dameron, Cindy Henning, Mihaela Irimies, Beth Koller, Eileen Slawek/Eileen Heck Foundation, Sue Thomas, Janet Foltz, Mary Ann Hanson, Carolyn Kuble, Red Rooster Café, Coastal Breeze News, Marco Islander, Kathryn McArtle, Mindy Star, Nancy Vernon, Susanne Grossman, Suzanne Luffler and San Marco Catholic Church.

The next Marco Faith and Wine event will be held Wednesday, March 26, 6:30-8:30 PM, also at San Marco Church Parish

Cindy Henning draws for door prizes.

Cindy Henning draws for door prizes.

Hall. Author, national radio host, international speaker, featured guest of EWTN and mother of eight, Christina King will drop by to share her highly dynamic and interactive program about embracing the beauty of faith and God’s plan.

“Treasure in Earthen Vessels” is an encouraging and inspirational presentation describing individuals as unique treasures in earthen vessels that God can, and does, work through, even though we might be “cracked.” King uses an entertaining style with visuals to tell her incredibly moving and heartwarming story. Full of faith and hope, this presentation will help the audience to enter into a deeper relationship with God, becoming transformed, allowing Him to shine through our “cracks” and weaknesses.

King holds a degree in psychology and counseling with graduate studies in family counseling. Her new book “Desperate for Love” will be available in bookstores soon. She speaks on varied topics related to faith including: “Embracing Your Greatness,” “Dignity of Women,” “The New Springtime” (evangelization), “Parenting Teens with Love,” “Pure Freedom” (chastity) and many others. To learn more about Christina King, please visit: www.christinaking.com, www.CatholicMom.com or www.embracingyourgreatness.com.

More information on the event can be found at www.marcofaithandwine.wix.com/home or by call Cindy Henning at 239-642-3177.


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