Tuesday, July 14, 2020

What We’re Up Against

Letter to the Editor

Today in my neighborhood, twenty-one teenagers had a gigantic pool party, splashing, hugging and partying this Saturday afternoon. They and the hosting parents were either in denial or arrogantly defying emergency public health “distancing and containment” orders. 

Even though these youngsters will probably not have symptoms, just one contagious infected kid in that pool will result in maybe 42 parents that they will kiss or hug this week (and probably fatally infect a number of their grandparents). 

I’m afraid these kids, and it appears many adults also, think they are invincible and wonder what’s all the fuss about. We have all been told repeatedly that the non-symptomatic youth may be the “Typhoid Marys” of this pandemic. 

Considering the mounting death numbers we’ve heard, I dont have to tell you how disturbing a sight like this was. 

Henry Stanley 

Marco Island 

3 responses to “What We’re Up Against”

  1. John burns says:

    What’s the old saying You cannot teach stupid. Any one that was in the military during tough times understand this statement

  2. Salley says:

    This is a case of parents wanting to be friends and not parents…don’t blame the millennials, blame the parents that have raised them-unacceptable!

  3. jerry weiss says:

    …they probably just returned from NYC to their winter homes to escape the shutdown… so celebrating the new found freedom.

    drink your best whiskey first buddy…


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