Friday, May 7, 2021

What Matters in the End



Body, Mind And Spirit
Dianne Saywell

In the end, what matters most is how well did you live? How well did you love? How well did you learn to let go?  – Anonymous

How we love to hold on to our stuff! It’s all we know! It’s familiar; we created it; we live it; and there is NO WAY we want to let go of it. In fact, we are willing to protect it to the point of sacrificing trust and love, not minding the fact that we may damage relationships, ourselves and others.

Humans, for the most part, hate change. Did anyone read “Who moved my cheese?” (Highly recommend this little book you can read in an hour!) The story is about the inevitable fact that life is change and change is life and how we can deal with it. The four characters in the book have set up their world around the supply of cheese that keeps them happy and alive and flourishing… THEN, one day the cheese is gone! “Sniff” and “Scurry” prepared in their minds as they anticipated this day with AWARENESS. In turn, they scurried off to find a new source of this life sustaining fuel they couldn’t live without.

“Hem” and “Haw” were not operating with AWARENESS and expected the supply to be constant and did not prepare. They dug their heels in, got angry with the unfairness of the situation and began to blame each other. Therefore, unable to let go of the notion of their cheese-abundant, content life, they began to starve. Fear stopped them from looking elsewhere. (You will have to get the book to find out what happens!)

Expectations, accomplishment, admiration as well as fear, longing and loneliness…. let it go. It is evident that the path to true freedom and peace is to “let go” of our human desires, needs (not needs that support life of course) and wants. So, easier said and unfathomable to be done?!

The bible speaks of the idea to not concern yourself “with worldly troubles,” but to look beyond our humanness to a HIGHER place in which our heart and souls are truly open. Where we find the love and the sense of direction that assists us, making our journey one of joy.

This concept at work, in our lives, inside ourselves, within our families and all relationships would create the space to truly be free to love. This would require us to consider the idea of letting go, moving on, growing and changing.

It will not be easy. Then again, nothing worthwhile comes quickly or with great ease in this life. If we can first become AWARE of what no longer serves us and then find the tools to really let it go and embrace change, we will become open to what BETTER serves us. This is when we truly live authentic lives while experiencing peace. The PEACE that passes human understanding – it may pass human understanding, but it can certainly be felt in the SPIRIT.


Dianne Saywell works full time at a local dental office where she educates and helps maintain the oral health of the patients as a dental hygienist. She also spends her time introducing people to and sharing the healing power of YOGA, and the health it brings to the body, mind and spirit. Yoga, along with many other great classes, is offered at Healthy Body/Marco Fitness Club.

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