Thursday, April 22, 2021

Vow Renewals in Paradise



By Phyllis Sinoradzki

What could be more romantic than having your wedding or renewal of marriage vows on the beach? Picture the warmth of the sun setting on the horizon, glorious blue skies and your loved one by your side as the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico lap along the shore.

CBN_B8-19Planning to have your ceremony performed on one of Marco Island’s beaches is not as difficult as one might think. Many bridal couples are from Europe, Canada, Netherlands, and all over the United States. Weddings and renewals can range from a private ceremony between the couple to a small group of family and friends to a hotel ceremony and reception for large groups.

The beauty of some ceremonies is when the couple chooses to write their own vows. Some are very sentimental, some are short and sweet and some are humorous.

That brings to mind a couple that recently renewed their vows on the Residents’ Beach. They were originally married in 1993 in a church. For the reception, a Hawaiian luau theme was selected where everyone wore casual Hawaiian attire, including the bride and groom. He wore a very specific tie.

For the renewal 20 years later, the groom wore that very same tie, and the couple chose to write their own renewal vows. The groom’s vows were so humorous and clever I thought it would be nice to share.

“In 1991, under the most unusual circumstances, I was introduced to V as a bridal party partner. My first reaction when seeing her for the first time was holy MACKERAL! She’s gorgeous! Even though I was a bit older than she was, I figured just for the HALIBUT, I’d ask her out on a date. (You see where this is going?) On that first date, I knew there was something special about her because she brought a TUNA sandwich for lunch. On our second or third date while trying to impress her with my tanning abilities, I got burnt like a LOBSTER. After a year or so of FLOUNDERING around, I asked her Mom and Pop for her hand in marriage and popped the big question. At first, Mom and Pop were a little skeptical of me, but it’s no FLUKE that we quickly grew to love one another.

“A few years



after V and I tied the knot (get it?), we decided it was time to start a family. In just a few short years, we were blessed with a couple of SHRIMP, and we are so proud to have them standing here beside us as best man and maid of honor. The joy they have brought us is beyond our wildest dreams, and we’d be JACKed without them. Who knew that all these years later, I would be standing before this GROUPER people renewing my vows with my best friend.

“So, today, after 20 years, I have Mom and Pop’s permission to re-marry their little girl again. I’m glad they said yes because I would feel like a real SNOOK if they didn’t. (OK, that one was a bit of a stretch.) It’s time to quit FISHing around for the right words and lay it on the line (sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

“V, I stand here before you today, ready to reaffirm what you already know. You are my lifeblood, soul mate, and most importantly, my best friend. Life for us isn’t always perfect, but nothing worth having comes easy. We have earned the loving relationship that we share today, and nobody can take that away from us. It’s an amazing gift that I don’t take for granted. I am forever grateful that you accepted my first invitation, and I look forward to the next chapter in our lives. Living ‘happily ever after’ started 20 years ago for me and I’m still living that fairytale today. Thank you for saying yes to my first invitation, and more importantly, thank you for being my best friend. I love you.”

What a round of applause he received. His wife’s vows were beautiful and a wonderful profession of her love for her husband. That’s what renewing of vows is all about – showing your spouse what the past years have meant to you.

If you are considering getting married or renewing your vows, make that day special by having it in PARADISE!


Phyllis Sinoradzki is an interfaith officiant, notary public, and wedding concierge. She has been performing ceremonies for over 10 years in Marco Island and Naples. Her business is Weddings by Phyllis and is located on Marco Island. Feel free to visit her website or Facebook page. For more information, call 239-248-4851 or email


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