Thursday, May 6, 2021

Using Shrimp for Inshore Fishing

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Photos by Brandon Acosta

Shrimp is good bait to use year-round for catching fish, but did you know that there are sometimes when using shrimp as your bait is more beneficial than others? Today, we will go over when you should really be using shrimp for your next inshore fishing excursion. 

Winter Fishing 

They are the best when it comes to wintertime fishing. During this time of the year, the fish are much more lethargic because it is colder out and many baitfish have moved offshore, and this makes the shrimp the most abundant food source out there. 

Summer Fishing 

In addition to winter, shrimp are also good for summertime fishing as well. When it gets too hot outside the fish will become lethargic and slow-moving again as they do when it gets too cold. So, they prefer to go after the slow-moving shrimp over speedy baitfish. 

No matter which season you use the shrimp, you always want to work the shrimp very slowly. You can also choose to use either live or artificial shrimpthe fish will go after both.  

Artificial Shrimp Lures 

Soft Plastic Shrimp are definitely a good way to improve your fishing success, but you need to know how to use them properly for this to happen. Just about everything you are looking to catch in the saltwater is going to be attracted to either live or artificial shrimp.  

Several gamefish feed on crustaceans, especially when you choose shrimp for inshore fishing. It is effective to use which you can see for yourself. There are many different options you can choose from.  

Not only are they different in size and weight, but they also come in different colors, actions, materials, and even scents. They also come in three categories: soft body, hard body, and scented. This way you can choose the shrimp that is best for the target species you have in mind. 

When using your plastic shrimp lures, water clarity is important. The fish rely on visual stimuli, so in clear water, they can see the shrimp much better, which is something to think about as you choose the color and type of shrimp lure you are going to use. 

Rigging the Shrimp 

When rigging the shrimp on your next fishing trip, you can either tie the lure directly to the leader for topwater and jigging, or you can use the shrimp under a popping cork. Keep the depth of the water in mind when rigging your shrimp.  

So, keep all this in mind the next time you decide to go out fishing on your own or you charter a boat so you can see much more fishing success on each trip out. 

Keep in mind that if you are interested in learning more about fishing in our area, it’s best to hire a professional guide before going out on your own to gain local knowledge of tackle, baits, areas to fish, local regulations, and more. Send us an email or give us a call to schedule an “on the water” educational fishing charter. Our specialty is getting families out for an enjoyable and memorable day in the shallow and calm waters here in the 10,000 islands and the Everglades National Park, FL. We can be reached at or shoot us an email at or 239-571-1756. 

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