Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Tropical T’s

It all started out as an idea. During the past four years, Madeline Zorzi has been securing Bonnie Bozzo’s portrayal programs for her Arts & Entertainment group, the Tropical T’s.

Enthusiasm for these portrayals of historical women has grown to the extent that a larger venue was needed.  After some discussion and research, it was decided to hold her performance at the Rose History Auditorium for Bonnie’s reenactment of “Jackie O–Not the Public Story.”

“We felt that if I invited other Arts & Entertainment groups as well as members of the Newcomers Club and Just Friends at a nominal fee, we might be able to make enough money to cover expenses. Imagine my surprise when we sold out the auditorium, said Zorzi.”

After the program, Zorzi and Bozzo had a sizable amount above expenses and the decision was made to donate the excess funds to the Historical Society.

It was a special moment for Bonnie because her very first portrayal of a historical woman was given at the kick-off fund raiser dinner held over ten years ago to build the Marco Island Historical Museum.



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