Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Tour de Marco Rides Again

Photo by Scott H. Shook | Riders in last year’s Tour de Marco.

When the Marco Y’s community engagement coordinator Tony DeLucia thinks about the ninth riding of the Tour de Marco, he thinks of what it does for the community.

“The net proceeds provide funding for various youth and adult programs like the swim initiative, to ensure all learn to swim and stay safe in the water,” DeLucia said.

Since the Y took over the Tour de Marco from the city’s bike path committee several years ago, DeLucia has been building the popular bicycle tour into a staple of the island’s community events calendar.

“The Tour de Marco provides the rider the chance to enjoy the beauty that is Marco Island,” he said.

The tour offers riders two options: a 30-mile tour that touches all points of the island, including exclusive Key Marco, the quaint fishing village of Goodland, the hills of the estates area, and a number of bridge crossings. Spectacular water views abound. It is arguably the most scenic bicycle tour in Southwest Florida. The 15-mile tour is often the choice for novice cyclist who isn’t sure about pedaling for 30 miles. 

In addition to custom t-shirts, tour participants will automatically be entered into a prize drawing that businesses throughout the community have generously donated.

The entry fee for either the 15 or 30-mile ride is $45 for early registrants. Family registration is just $55. “We’re trying to encourage more families to participate,” DeLucia said.

Riders can sign up on or by visiting the front desk at the Y.

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