Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Tips for Successful Flat Fishing

Follow the Fish

When in Florida, you will find that some of the best fishing opportunities will be on the flats. It also gives an angler the chance to fish in different ways depending on the current conditions in the area. When fishing the flats, there are a few factors that every angler needs to keep in mind if they wish to be successful.

Inshore anglers should always consider the wind and air conditions, the position of the sun, water clarity and temperature, and the size, shape, and composition of the flats.

Before fishing, check the barometric pressure in the area. High air pressure will keep water levels lower, and lower pressure will cause the water levels to begin to rise.

The following are a few more tips to find more successful flat fishing in the 10,000 Islands area:

Avoid Wearing Bright Clothing

When you are fishing the flats, you should assume that if you can see the fish, then they can also see you. This makes it important to avoid wearing brightly colored clothing that will draw their attention to you. Instead, wear darker clothing that helps you blend in with the surroundings more like a darker green or a dark blue.

Remain Quiet

Too much noise will also scare the fish away so when fishing the flats where the water is shallow, you want to stay as quiet as possible so as not to spook the fish. You wouldn’t want to make a lot of noise while hunting, and the same applies to fishing. You don’t want to hurt your chances of catching fish by scaring them away.

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity

When fishing, you don’t want to miss your window of opportunity. Successful fishing outings mean striking right away when you see a fish within your casting range. It can also be trial and error. By missing a few fish, you will be able to learn from any mistakes you may have made and perfect your style for later.

For example, you may be finding that the fish are too far away, or they may be too close. You also want to take note of where the bait lands because you want to avoid having it land on top of the fish because this can easily spook them.

Try to cast your bait at least ten yards in front of the fish you have in your sights. If you are able to follow these simple tips, you will find much more success when fishing the flats.

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