Monday, May 10, 2021

Tia Nielsen: Living is Giving!

Tia in her dad's truck with presents galore. PHOTO BY VICTORIA WRIGHT

Tia in her dad’s truck with presents galore. PHOTO BY VICTORIA WRIGHT

Earlier in the year, Tia Nielsen, a local 5th grader attending TBE, found giving to those in need at 6L Farms a worthwhile and fulfilling feat. So, when her initial fundraiser was done, Tia set another goal for herself: Christmas presents to the children at 6L Farms. Tia worked endlessly collecting the needed items and Christmas gifts. Her dad’s large truck (Ford F150) served as the sleigh for 107 presents. Each wrapped in holiday cheer by Tia herself. So what’s next for little Tia? A new goal? That’s right! Tia has decided on her own volition, she would like the children at 6L Farms to have a playground set to play on after school. Tia’s family is pitching in to help their daughter with this project. Her mother has designed a discount card good at about 30 local businesses to help raise funds and dad has offered his handyman skills in getting the project built. Watch Coastal Breeze News for more information as Tia progresses towards her 2011 goal….

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