Wednesday, April 14, 2021

This Trash Pile Never Quits

Another headache for Steve Gober

During the week after Irma, Steve Gober offered Stan’s parking lot as a repository for Goodland residents who had no place to put their debris. Gradually 10-foot high trashed personal items and damaged building parts were dumped there. Working with the county, the debris was gradually hauled away until the ground became visible. It wasn’t visible for long. On Sunday October 15, I noticed sizeable fresh piles of trash in the lot, and dropped in on Steve to ask about it. “This has been going on for the past couple days,” Steve told me, “From what I can tell, it is being dumped down here by contractors who have been hired to haul trash from Marco Island. Since Marco has closed their dumping site, the contractors are bringing it here, rather than running it over to Naples as they should.”

Steve Gober is concerned about the continued dumping of trash on his parking lot. (Photos by Barry Gwinn)

Gober has had some unpleasant confrontations with the dumpers. He has put tape across the entrances and posted no trespassing signs. Commissioner Donna Fiala’s office is working with Steve to remove this additional trash. “I only have 12 more days until reopening,” said a concerned Steve Gober, “I certainly didn’t anticipate anything like this.” Irma, it seems, is the gift that keeps on giving. Luckily for us, Collier County is just as persistent.

Contractors have been bringing this trash down from Marco Island, instead of taking it over to Naples as they should.

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