Friday, April 23, 2021

This is my hometown



To Your Health
Scott Lowe
CEO, Physicians Regional-Collier Blvd

With our hospital located in the heart of East Naples and our walk-in clinic on Marco Island, it is safe to say that Physicians Regional Healthcare System takes the needs of our local patient population very seriously.

However, as the CEO of Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard, I take the responsibly of my role quite personally. You see, as a proud graduate of Barron Collier High School, I was raised right here in Collier County.

Though our local economy owes a debt of gratitude to all our residents — full-time, part-time, seasonal and guests — there’s a very special sense of hometown pride for those of us who grew up here. Add in the responsibility associated with taking the reins of East Naples’ primary local health care facility and that sense of pride quickly evolves into a profound sense of ownership for and accountability to all of those who live here.

As CEO of Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard, my focus will continue to be on championing the growth and development of health care options for this community, my community. I have personally been involved in Collier County health care since 1998 due to my role in the development and management of Cleveland Clinic Naples — now known as Physicians Regional-Pine Ridge.

Though my family and I left this area in 2005, my affinity for Southwest Florida brought me back in 2008 to serve as the CFO for Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard. More recently, as the Market CFO for Physicians Regional Healthcare System, I continued to be part of the executive team that led significant efforts to add to and further enhance the service lines available to the local patient population.

Yes, our community deserves the very best medical care available.

Yes, our residents and guests deserve the very best patient experience possible.

However, as this is my hometown, our patients should also expect that we treat them with the same respect and compassion typically reserved for members of our own families.

Plus, no matter how you look at it — this is home. My wife, Jayme, and I live on Marco Island. Our children Jake (10) and Virginia (9) were born in Naples and attend Tommy Barfield Elementary. I recently completed the Leadership Marco program through the Marco Island Chamber of Commerce; I serve on the board of the Marco Island YMCA; and yes, I even coach Little League. (It’s a great job — I highly recommend it!)

Although any number of health care providers may discuss the importance of “the health of the community,” in my case the “community” lives next door. Those who walk into Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard and Physicians Regional-Marco Island are literally my friends and neighbors — my family members and children.

What’s more, compassionate care is so much a part of the fabric of my family that my wife recently changed her career path. At an age when most professionals accept the status quo, Jayme chose to go back to school to become a nurse. Her impressive new skill set is now on display as part of the amazing nursing team at Physicians Regional. As a husband and father first and a healthcare professional second, I could not be more proud of her decision to join the health care community.

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