Saturday, April 10, 2021

Thirty Years of Service



By Coastal Breeze News Staff

Fire Chief Chris Byrne was presented with a 30 year service award recently at a small gathering at the Fire Station. Chief Schultz had the honor of hosting the presentation. He spoke about Chief Byrne protecting those he serves and those he works with. “He is a master of leadership; both tough and fair, and one who is gifted with professional and personal insight.” Chief Schultz added,

Deputy Fire Chief Chris Byrne. PHOTO BY VAL SIMON

Deputy Fire Chief Chris Byrne. PHOTO BY VAL SIMON

“Chief Byrne is an example of the best inside all of us, someone I am proud to call a mentor and a friend.”

Chief Byrne commented, “You get started in this work as a job. Then it becomes about the people and they become your brothers and sisters. It is about their spirit, which is why this is so emotional. I am impressed everyday just watching these people do their work. This is very special.”


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