Friday, April 16, 2021

The Marco Players Theater is proud to announce

The Cast

of its upcoming production of

 Plaza Suite

by Neil Simon

 Opens: November 7th

 For 15 performances 

In order of appearance:

Act One

Mariel Sanchez / Abby Martin – Bell Hop

Mai Puccio – Karen Nash

Ray Kane – Sam Nash

Brandon Anderson – Waiter

Lisa Lang – Jean McCormack

Act Two

Carl S Back – Jesse Kiplinger

Michelle Langlas – Muriel Tate

Act Three

Marilyn Hilbert – Norma Hubley

Michael Hennessey – Roy Hubley

Brandon Anderson – Borden Eisler
Lynn Jones – Mimsey Hubley

The action takes place in suite 719 at The Plaza Hotel in New York city.

Act one is about Karen and Sam Nash. Karen is trying to “spice-up” her marriage that is obviously on the rocks.

In the second act, Jesse Kiplinger, a failing movie producer, has returned to New York on business and decides to try to seduce his old girlfriend, Muriel Tate.

Act three finds Roy and Nora Hubley, parents of the bride, trying to get their daughter out of the bathroom and down to the ballroom to her wedding. This is a Neil Simon classic!


 November 7 – November 25 

At the Marco Players Theater located on Marco Island
in the Marco Island Town Center Mall

 Tickets are available on line at

or by calling the box office at 239.642.7270


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