Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Florida Bar

Letter to the Editor

After notification that the complaints referencing Attorneys Gabriel and Grifoni would be closed at this time, I forwarded all the documents with an e-mail to Council stating that fairness dictated this decision be acknowledged. Conscientiously my intent was to appear at the 2/19/19 Council Meeting to enter this outcome into the record. I was surprised to be told of the Marco Eagle article as I had not contacted the reporter nor did he speak to me.  

Allow me to note the closing letters cited The Florida Bar v. Della-Donna. Concisely the general rule of this case is that the commission by an attorney of any act that is untruthful or contrary to honesty and justice may constitute a cause for discipline, but “the disciplinary process and proceedings are not to be used as a substitute for civil proceedings and remedies” that should be addressed in private civil actions. Surely Attorneys Gabriel and Grifoni can interpret better than I. 

I believe bar counsel felt I had raised grave concerns as to the legality of certain endeavors. It is my right as well to ask for a review of these decisions or file additional evidence if obtained.
More personally my motives were not malicious in nature but to improve municipal government. There is no political ax to grind as I donated to Attorney Grifoni’s campaign and voted for him. Truthfully I feel these events have regrettably caused a stake to be thrust through the heart of our community.

Our City Clerk has available all documents from all parties. Please know I am confident that the citizens of Marco Island who request these public records will be able to decide independently who spoke “lies and misrepresentations” and whether there were “unfounded accusations”.   

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