Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Thank You

Letter to the Editor


In a time when we are bombarded with negativity, I want to publicly thank Rene at Progressive Car Wash.

May 26th, I was standing in line to pay for my car wash, talking to the patron in front of me, and the next thing I remember, I was on the floor… I passed out! Rene told me that she grabbed my hands through the plexiglass so I wouldn’t fall and yelled for help. The man that I had been talking to lowered me to the floor. I totally avoided serious injury thanks to Rene and her quick thinking to grab my hands. Total strangers were offering to drive me home and were so concerned about me after I gave them a scare of a lifetime!

Thank you, Rene, and thank you to the patrons that witnessed this scary event and comforted me in my time of need, I’m eternally grateful!!!


Karen Saeks

Marco Island



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