Sunday, April 18, 2021

Take That First Step



Step Smart Collier is a new program designed to aid seniors with prevention of accidents in the home. Such accidents account for far more visits to the emergency room or hospital than strokes or heart attacks each year, and many are preventable.

Keith Dameron is chairman of this program for all of Collier County. You may remember Keith as president of the Marco branch of Iberia Bank and the man who pioneered “In the Round” programs for all of us.

“Prevention of such accidents is a huge cost cutter for all of us, as well as for medical personnel and facilities,” says Keith. He points out that learning several easy techniques will save falls and other calamities for everyone.

Several simple factors cause such accidents: poor lighting, throw rugs, pets underfoot, slick floors, and too much haste in performing small tasks in the home. So many of the things mentioned in Keith’s wonderful power point program are known to all of us, but we fail to remember them at critical times in our lives.

A simple example is the ice maker on the front of the refrigerator. An ice cube hitting the floor causes a puddle, which can then cause a fall if not removed. Who remembers this all the time?

Poor footwear is a major cause of falls for elders, especially here in Florida where sandals and flip flops are often worn. Also keep in mind that poor muscle tone can lead to balance problems which can be devastating for anyone.

Keith mentions that tai chi is a very good program for increasing muscle tone.

There is much you can do to help yourself in this regard, and listening to Keith’s presentation is the first step.

Call 239-393-2400 to arrange for this valuable free program.

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