Saturday, April 10, 2021


Harder than it seems...

Harder than it seems…

By Coastal Breeze News Staff

The Take a Hike fundraiser held for Marco Island Charter Middle School was a fun event for students which also raised needed funds for the school. The timing, just before mid-term exams and Christmas break, was perfect for letting the kids expend some of the season’s excitement.

Students had family and friends sponsor their ‘hike’ – a walk around the ball field at the school. The Take a Hike organizers didn’t just walk around the field, they

Grabbing cash is harder than it looks.

Grabbing cash is harder than it looks.

lined up for the Macarena, too! Prizes were awarded based on how much money a student raised. There was a Take a Hike party later in the day where kids had a blast trying their hand at with a variety of carnival games. Those students raising the most money had their time inside a money machine where they could grab some real cash money or an ‘Up Day’ pass which allows a student to forego the required school uniform for a day.



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