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stay-n-play everglades ride



february 26, 2012

brought to you by Snook Publications

Dragonfly Expeditions – Everglades Area Tours – Shamrock Bank

the vibe: cycling, nature, local kitsch everglades city is a wild-west cowboy town in the swamp

— renegade, independent, adventurous – with great seafood and stories to tell.

lots of other stuff to do (on your own) before/after the bicycle ride:

kayak,   boardwalks,   fishing,   hiking,   airboats,   museums,   boat tour.

meet-up saturday night for seafood at Camellia St Grill & campfire.

the smooth ride: not a single hill, but a great stretch of pavement in the

wilds of the everglades, with few stop signs and no chasing dogs.

  16 or 62 miles – with options to shorten or lengthen your ride

see website for route details

the bumpy ride: half of route is on dirt road in boondocks of fakahatchee

swamp, with a local guide.  skinny tires NOT recommended.

27 miles, with options to shorten or lengthen your ride

see website for route details

the kudos:  • for the benefit of Friends of the ROGG (FROGG)

ROGG = River of Grass Greenway — a proposed paved trail along Hwy 41

between miami and naples, proposed by Naples Pathways Coalition.

• for the benefit of Friends of Fakahatchee


the location:  McLeod Park, everglades city

40 miles south of Immokalee

60 miles west of krome ave

30 miles east of naples

the extras: rest stops along route, SAG vehicle support

and LUNCH by when you finish

register on back

or register at active.com

www.evergladesrogg.org for links & info

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