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South Beach Renourishment Project to Begin

Marco’s South Beach Renourishment Project is scheduled to start right after sea turtle season from November 1, 2019 to May 1, 2020.

According to the Collier County Coastal Zone Management Executive Summary for this project, materials will be dredged from Caxambas Pass and will renourish the south end of South Marco Beach from R-147 to G-4. Funds have been budgeted and approved for this activity in the FY 2018-2019 fund of the Tourist Development Tax. State and Federal permits are in place for this project.

Marco’s 2019 History of Beach Renourishment Projects

In February 2019 a renourishment project started in front of the South Seas West Condominiums and moved south to the Royal Seafarer Condominium. The project consisted of dredging of approximately 150,000-175,000 cubic yards of sand from the nearshore area of Marco’s Central Beach. The dredged sand was placed on the beach and graded up to the dunes to create a wider berm seaward of the upland dune with a seaward slope to mean high water. This was meant to help eliminate the pooling and ponding of the beach during the rainy season.

According to Gary McAlpin, Director of the Collier County Coastal Zone Management, “In the areas just south of MICA there were six condominiums where the Erosion Control Line (ECL) (which designates private property) is non-existent. McAlpin emphasized that Collier County required the execution of a temporary construction easement only during the duration of the project to be able to regrade the beaches in front of these condos.”

February 2019 Hideaway Beach Erosion control project – A dredger at the Near Shore Borrow area dredged 46,000 cubic yards of sand and placed on Hideaway Beach for storm damage reduction benefits and to maintain flushing into Tigertail lagoon.

Marco Island City Councilor Jared Grifoni expressed concern that, “If the County did not receive the condo’s permission, will it impact the integrity of the remaining renourishment in adjacent areas?” McAlpin replied, “Luckily about 150,000 – 175,000 cubic yards is going to be to the north of the six units and if they have to skip an area, they will skip it.” The project was finished April 2019.

Five of the six condominiums south of MICA properties all signed a temporary construction easement allowing the regrade of the beaches in front of these condos. Pooling and ponding had been an issue in front of these condos during the rainy season. The Madeira Condominiums DID NOT SIGN the temporary construction easement and did not participate in the renourishment project. A large lake forms in front of the Madeira condo during the rainy season.

March 2019 – Hideaway Beach Erosion Control Project consisted of dredging approximately 46,000 cubic yard of beach compatible sand from the Hideaway Nearshore Borrow Area to renourish Hideaway’s beach.

According to Michael Poff, President of Coastal Engineering Consultants, Inc. the “purpose of the 2019 project was first, to dredge the channel to maintain flushing into the Tigertail lagoon. Second, the sand is placed on Hideaway Beach for storm damage reduction benefits.” The project was completed in April 2019.

For additional questions, please contact Gary McAlpin, Collier County Coastal Zone Management at 239-252-5342 or

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  1. John Rhodes says:

    Drain the swamp in front of the South Seas Towers NW! It’s a polluted, stagnant, stinking mess, unhealthy and not fit for human recreation.

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