Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Snook Inn Changing Ownership

For 32 years the Snook Inn and the Passini name were synonymous with what the Marco Island lifestyle represented. The iconic setting on the Marco River became one of those “had to visit” places if you were coming to the island. If you were lucky enough to live here, it would be one of the first places you’d take visiting friends to enjoy the ambiance of the island.

Old timers would tell you that it sat alongside one of the best snook holes in the area, hence the name Snook Inn. Anglers would come from far and wide to enjoy the fishing, food and cold refreshments. They would also be able to stay at one of the small motel rooms, which sat along the east side of the present day parking lot, until they were demolished to provide additional parking.

Over the years Dennis Passini, the managing partner has been acquiring additional properties on behalf of the company that abutted the popular spot, and now owns everything to Tampa Court, minus a small trailer court which abuts the Snook Inn. That piece of property is presently being actively marketed for sale.

“We met with our employees on Wednesday afternoon and spoke to them about the pending sale,” said Passini on Wednesday morning. “They are like our extended family…I knew it was time, but it is a bittersweet moment,” said Passini. The Snook Inn has always been considered as a one of best establishments to work for on Marco Island, providing their personnel with excellent benefits and a stable work environment.

The owners of DaVinci’s Italian Restaurant will be the new proprietors of the Snook Inn. This will be in addition to their ownership of Marco Prime and The Oyster Society. Luigi Carvelli is listed as manager.

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Photos by Steve Stefanides

8 responses to “Snook Inn Changing Ownership”

  1. Jill Hagerman says:

    If the new owners are smart, they won’t change a thing including the prices. Snook’s has always been an affordable fun place to eat.

  2. Ann says:

    I home the SNOOK INN will KEEP the MENU as it is !!!!!! I hope with ALL MY HEART they won’t start serving a bunch of ITALIAN, TOMATOIE FOOD !!!!!!!! If they do, they WILL LOSE THE HUGE CLIENTELE it now possesses !!!!!!!!!!!! And that’s a FACT !!!!!!!

  3. Rennie Poffenberger says:

    What a shame, another Marco original restaurant will probably go the way of Porkys. New ownership, different food, price increases, etc. The restaurant will eventually be demolished and a fancy new building will probably be erected. We are really beginning to look like Fort Lauderdale. What a shame!

  4. Mike Levine says:

    I wish the new owners the best. Now wait a moment “Snook Inn” has been the best. Please keep it that way!

  5. Marco Fan says:

    We don’t want any changes please, this is a great place AS IS……………Don’t ruin it!!!!

  6. julie bernhard says:

    Our family and friends eat at this restaurant at least 3x a week by boat during our weekly visit!
    LOVE the food, staff, and prices!

    The building could use interior updating (maybe European white oak hardwood flooring, try Leguno Bastone/Naples) along with expanded restrooms.

  7. Joe DiSantis says:

    Hope the new ownership keeps the restaurant long term…whether they create a new one or build a replacement one.Would hate to see Marconians and visitors to lose out such a beautiful waterview while enjoying a delicious and fun atmosphere.Hope a new Condo high rise IS NOT in their plans but….what can patrons really do?Great memories and fun were shared there.Just hope that special location remains there forever for Marco Island.It s a real treasure.

  8. Kathy graham says:

    What a shame. It’s really the best restaurant on the island -unique , authentic and not just another chain.

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