Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Should Vacant Off-Island City-Owned Properties be Used for Affordable Housing?

Letter to the Editor


History: For years the City of Marco Island had an agreement with Collier County, to fund Marco’s commitment to affordable housing, paid Collier County $50,000 a year towards their program to construct affordable housing in the County. In 2009, then City Manager James Riviere canceled that program in his Budget effort to reduce City’s Expenditures. 

Now, the City of Marco Island has a golden opportunity to recommit itself to providing affordable housing in the County for those who are in need.

That opportunity is as follows:

At the recent City Council Meeting of May 17th, Assistant City Manager Casey Lucius identified four vacant off-Island parcels of real estate for sale owned by the City of Marco Island. 

Lucius added that “While in aggregate the properties are said to be worth almost $3 million.” Lucius said that the city will get an updated appraisal and sell the parcels with public notice to the highest bidder, “at or above the appraised value.”

Council recommended that staff publicly notice the sale of these properties through a sealed bid process and accept the highest bid, as long as it is not below the appraised value of the property.

Should we be proposing to turn over these parcels or portions thereof to Collier County as Marco’s share of the county-wide Affordable housing?

How does Marco want to play this?


Amadeo Petricca



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