Monday, April 12, 2021

Response to Article by Larry Magel

Response to Article by Larry Magel,

Chairman, Marco Island City Council in the March 29-April 4th issue.


Our newly elected Chairman of the Marco Island City Council, Larry Magel, in his first newspaper article started his term on the negative, go figure!!!

The Marco Island Property Owners (MIPO) facts were based on the Independent Consultants first recommendation of the M1 version of the Cost of Service Study. Based on the M1 study, the MIPO figures that were quoted are accurate. This can be verified by public record.

MIPO does not have the luxury of waiting until after the Council votes to take a position. Therefore, MIPO alerted the community as to what the adverse affects may have been based on the M1 study.

The position of the MIPO is to keep all Citizens informed on issues of concern prior to the vote. We all want to be informed ahead of time and not after the fact which is the status quo in Government these days.

Now, having corrected Mr. Magel’s remarks, the MIPO would like to move forward and focus on the future and not the past. The issues of importance are:

  1.  New Mackle Park Building
  2. The City Debt
  3. Right of Way
  4. Public, Private Partnership (P3)
  5. Old Marco Lighting
  6. Density Issue

Ray Seward

Chairman, MIPO

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