Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Renter’s Dilemma

Letter to the Editor

The drive from Chicago to Marco was a long one.  A few days ago, my wife and I arrived in Marco to spend a few weeks in this beautiful island paradise. We both had visions of walks on the beach, an unobstructed view of the sunset and short walks to great restaurants.

We looked forward to our HomeAway rental which was arranged six months ago. The unit was conveniently located at 900 So. Collier (the Apollo Condominiums). Upon checking in, our excitement was turned into dismay when we were told the unit was occupied and we needed to drive to a large local realtor’s office for further instructions. It was late afternoon and we were tired.

Cheryl at the realtor’s office handed us the package for the replacement unit she claimed was “an upgrade.” We drove to the South Seas Tower No. 4. Upon walking into the rental unit, it was apparent that the air conditioning was not working. A repair man did arrive several hours later.  Other disappointments were an incorrect wifi password and a broken slider.

We were left to settle for something a lot less than expected. The realtor never informed us in advance of the change, so we would have had the option to reject or accept it. On the HomeAway App, we are still listed as currently renting at the Apollo.

Is this a common practice for vacation rental agents in Marco Island?


One response to “Renter’s Dilemma”

  1. Laura Carter says:

    What a drag. I had no idea that an organization like Home Away would use a bait and switch. Hope you enjoy your stay on Marco Island despite this situation.

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