Thursday, April 22, 2021

Removal process for vessels

The Emergency Support Function 10 (ESF 10) Florida, a Unified Command consisting of multiple state and federal agencies, has initiated removal efforts prioritizing vessels displaced by Hurricane Irma which are actively polluting or creating a hazard to navigation to traffic in the area.

As the Florida Keys open for tourism on Oct. 1, visitors are encouraged to stay away from vessels displaced as a result of Hurricane Irma. Hundreds of the vessels damaged or sunken as a result of the storm present a hazard to health and safety. Boaters in the areas affected by Hurricane Irma are advised to transit with all due caution and report hazards to the Coast Guard Sec- tor Key West command center at 305-292- 8727. Miami Branch: 22 personnel

• Vessels assessed: 207

• Vessels removed by citizens: 48

• Crews have successfully mitigated pollution from a leaking motor yacht and are enacting a plan for removal. St. Petersburg Branch: 18 personnel

• Vessels assessed: 185

• Vessels removed by citizens: 46

• A plan to remove 10 displaced vessels at Goodland Bay and three displaced vessels from Hurricane Bay in Fort

Myers is being developed. Jacksonville Branch: 13 personnel

• Vessels assessed: 99

• Vessels removed by citizens: 19

• Oil Spill Response Organizations are booming off two vessels at the Bill Dye

Marina after an oil sheen was observed by assessment teams emanating from two vessels. Key West Branch: 53 personnel

• Vessels assessed: 364

• Vessels removed by citizens: 3

• A sailboat has been removed near the

Fleming Key Bridge.

• Pollution mitigation continues as vessels determined to be leaking hazardous materials are identified.

The ESF 10 is the framework by which federal support is coordinated with state agencies in response to actual or potential oil spills or hazardous material releases. Partner agencies, including National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary are contributing expertise and experience to the assessment efforts. Displaced Vessel Information:

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