Friday, March 5, 2021

“Real Estate Best Buys” Radio Show

Of course, everyone wants to find real estate best buys. And now you can by tuning in to 98.9 FM every Sunday morning at 10 AM for a brand new radio show aptly called, “Real Estate Best Buys.”

Co-hosted by Jeff Popick and Jeff Tumbarello, two leading success stories in real estate today, the show is sure to be entertaining and enlightening … and quite possibly enriching. Jeff and Jeff will highlight the very best deals available in Collier and Lee counties.

The show also offers an interesting opportunity for sellers … if you are trying to sell your property and believe it’s a best buy, you can call in to promote it. If it is a true real estate best buy, you’ll get a lot of free publicity. But be careful, if it isn’t up to best buy criteria, the hosts may have some fun … at your expense.

Jeff Popick has been a real estate investor virtually his entire adult life. Even back when he was working as a stuntman in Hollywood, he was buying and selling real estate. When he and his wife moved to Marco Island in 1994, his passion for real estate continued. After a few deals he decided to get his real estate license; largely for his own listings. Recently, he hosted the radio show, Real Estate Masterminds. He is now available to help buyers and sellers of Marco Island properties.

Jeff Tumbarello is also a longtime real estate guru and his territory is virtually all of Lee County. He is also president of the Southwest Florida Real Estate Investment Association which boasts over 2,000 members.

Popick and Tumbarello are currently looking for a third co-host with a great on-air personality and intensive real estate knowledge.

Real Estate Best Buys for savvy buyers and sellers is here. Catch it on 98.9 FM (WGUF) every Sunday at 10 AM. For more information, call 239-450-3000.


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